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Allure Gems & Pearls
     Allure Gems & Pearls began its operation in 1992 selling jewelry in small home and office parties and shows. Today, we have several online shops and are proud members of the International Amber Association in Gdansk, Poland. Almost all of our amber is brought in from the Baltic Region.  We have a sister shop in Poland where our beads are finished and strung.  This helps us provide the best products at the lowest prices for you.  Our guarantee our amber beads are 100% genuine natural Baltic amber unless specifically stated.  We can provide copies of our semi-annual test results from the University of Technology laboratory in Poland to you upon request.

     When Allure Gems and Pearls first introduced Baltic Amber Healing items, it was because our customer with Multiple Sclerosis purchased some polished 4mm beads and explained how greatly she had benefited from them (see her testimonial in many of our listings). We asked her if we could share her testimonial so that others may also receive the benefits of Baltic amber and she agreed. It is our desire to be a conduit for health and well being to those who are oppressed by disease. We hope that our amber beads and jewelry will be helpful to you. All of our genuine Baltic Amber beads are purchased from reliable sellers. Samples of our amber are tested by trained gemologists using infrared spectroscopy. This is the most reliable method of testing amber and provides 100% assurance of the authenticity of our Baltic amber. We have a sister company in Poland where some of our amber necklaces and bracelets are made. The remainder of the amber is handmade in our shop in the U.S. Do take note that we are also a plastic amber retailer as well, and that all exact product information can be found in its description.

Our Return Policy

    If by any chance you do not find your item as advertised, you are able to return your purchase for a FULL REFUND. If you do not like the item you received but you would like to return it, you will be able to return the item for a refund amounting to the full cost of the item, minus the shipping. Our return policy lasts for 30 days after the item is marked as received.


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