Customer testimonials on the healing effrects of amber.

Customer Testimonials on the Healing Effects of Amber July 25 2013

Here are some of the testimonials from recent customers:

CUSTOMER 1: I WAS THRILLED WHEN I SAW YOU CARRIED THE ROUND AMBER BEADS ON EBAY....I was dignosed with MS in late 2010 and so after reading about the healing properties of Amber "which I wasn't sure if it was true or not" I gave it a chance and after having worn the amber chip beads for about 8 months I went in for my scheduled MRI Which later the results showed that out of the 10 lessions I have in my brain that the 2 largest ones had shrunk by almost half which the medication I am on to treat the MS doesn't react so quickly in generally takes 6 months to a little over a year for the medication I have to take to even see a small change in MS lessions or to see if the medication is even working....My neurologist about fell over because the last MRI which was 8 months prior to this last one had shown growth and advancement of the multiple sclerosis. He could not believe my lessions had shrunk soooo much in what is considered such a short period of time....So I am a true believer now that Amber carries properties of healing....the amber chip beads I have are really uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis so I wanted to thank you for allowing your beads to be purchsed through will be a treat to wear them in comfort and they are just beautiful....thank you again for working with me on are truly awesome!! I am trying to fight this MS especially with having two young daughters one is 12 yrs and the other is 3yrs old lol I stay busy and love it..the Amber beads have helped me so much and so each time you sell them to and know that somebody is purchasing a gift of healing from you whether they know it or not..It's awesome!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

CUSTOMER 2: Hi: I bought a bracelet from you sometime ago. It has work great for me, I have MS. My mom was here and in pain so I gave it to her. I ordered a necklace and the bracelet today. Could you please match it? To the clearer color you have. Also do you have necklace for children? Thank you I would love to give you my testimony! It worked for me fast! It is not a cure but I do feel better and productive. I did share with everybody i know! It was a surprise to me to feel more energy again. It is not listed as benefits of the amber, but it does. It elevated me from constant MS fatigue to just tired in the afternoons. i can go thru my day without shutting down. I also got total relieve from neck and back pain. The joints pain went down to minimal in about a month of using it. With only a bracelet!!! I recommend it to everybody with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. My baby was found to have the allele for celiac disease. He is 3 yrs old. Since is autoimmune I thought in getting him a necklace. I thought of you since there are so many imitations i cant risk it! Please let me know if you find something for him. He is about 12" in the neck, so maybe that or up to 14". I'll look for a listing! My mom put the bracelet yesterday night and felt relieve by morning. She left back home today and I told her to keep it! Thank you!